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Designer house plans curated by HousePlans+Design. Great design meets your home.

  • Why Choose HousePlans+Design?

    There are hundreds of luxury house plan services you can choose from to select the perfect home to build. Most of them tout the breadth of their catalog: 

    Thousands upon Thousands of Mediterranean style plans!

    Cottage plans galore! 

    22,000 plans! 

    The problem is, if a company offers 22,000 house plans you can bet that 21,950 of them look terrible. And you don't have to be an architect or design expert to know that most house plans offered on the web just don't cut the mustard. Take an hour browsing some of these mega-websites and you'll probably end up asking yourself questions like, "Should there be non-functioning dormer windows slammed into the side of a roof?" and "Does it make sense for an attached garage to be larger than the living space in the main house?" and "Isn't the house likely to leak if there are a lot of crisscrossing roof patterns?" and "Does it look right that there are pane-less windows being used in a traditional Mediterranean design?" 

    The thing is, the devil is in the details. No matter how smartly built, a home is no small investment. Once built, you probably won't be moving out in a year. And odds are, if you found this site you already appreciate good design. Shouldn't your house look and act the part, too?

    We believe so. 

    That's why HousePlans+Design was founded. Our house plans were originally used in Traditional Neighborhood Developments (TND) across the southeastern United States that require strict design codes to ensure quality design. TNDs have advanced the cause of good design throughout the past thirty years, as notable towns like Seaside, Florida have proved. 

    Our goal is bring you quality architecture at an affordable price. Take a look at our catalog filled with small house plans, bungalow house plans, beach house plans, and luxury house plans. And make sure to visit often--we're adding more well-designed house plans by the month.

    It's cliche, but true. The design is in the details. 

  • Our goal is to bring you quality architecture at an affordable price.



     An example of a beautiful Cape Cod inspired design, the Windjammer House Plan.


    The Camelback House Plan, just one of many plans in the >2,500 SQFT collection.